Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Call To Arms holds a LTC class once a month. The Texas Concealed Handgun License class is a four hour class with a 25 question written test and a basic range qualification. Classes start at 8 AM at Call to Arms. The range qualification is scheduled about two hours after the completion of the class and written test. This will give students time to have lunch and then meet at Quail Creek Range for the range qualification.

Due to the DPS reducing the class time requirements from eight to four hours, all mandated classroom topics have been condensed. Call to Arms enccourages students to have a reasonable understanding of the operation of your handgun prior to the class. WE WILL GET YOU SAFELY THROUGH THE COURSE OF FIRE EVEN WITH LITTLE EXPERIENCE. If you do not already own a firearm, Call to Arms does have a "limited" number of handguns to qualify with at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Please sign up early if you need to use one of our firearms.

Why Call To Arms LTC Class?

Call to Arms has recently reduced the fee of the LTC class to better serve all who are interested in taking the course. The cost is now only $99.00 per person. To confirm a spot in our class, a $50.00 deposit is required. The fee for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Veterans, and local school teachers is only $75.00. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY.

LTC in Texas

Additional fees necessary to complete the LTC application process are:

It is not necessary to do anything prior to the day of the class. For class dates, further questions, and concerns, feel free to contact Call to Arms at (940) 442-6700.

Call Call To Arms TODAY to resere your spot!.