Call To Arms is Denton's oldest operating store front in which you can purchase a new handgun or rifle. We also deal in pre-owned firearms and consignments. Our focus is to serve the community by offering a number of services including CHL classes, special orders, and transfers.

Please check back soon for updates to the site and CHL Classes. If you have any questions or comments regarding this website, please contact the store here.

We thank you for your interest and supporting your right to Keep & Bear Arms!

Special Product

Call To Arms carries what we consider one of the best "personal protection ammunitions" available. RBCD ammo is a frangible round with a soft penetrating tip. RBCD fragments upon impact with a moist target, thus minimizing over penetration and maximizing effectiveness. See many YouTube videos as to its function and design RBCD ammo is proudly made in Texas. Click here for more details.